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We've got you covered. 

The Luna Bar with Estrella Damm will be offering a full bar service, including the delicious taste of the Mediterranean with our exclusive beer partners Estrella Damm, alongside a full range of wines and soft drinks, guaranteed to wet your whistle.

The open air cinema experience is made complete with a glass of something chilled in your hand!

This summer you can make your experience even more perfect, by pre-ordering a bucket of 6 cold Estrella Damm beers.  All pre-ordered drinks will be ready to collect from the Luna Bar when you arrive, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a sip of something nice and cold with the film.

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The Cheese Geek boxes will be available at selected locations. To pre-order your cheese box for collection on the night, please check the extras section on the booking page of your chosen screening to see if it is available.



At The Cheese Geek, we are, unsurprisingly, crazy for cheese. The very Modern Cheesemonger, we hand pick top notch cheese and send out in chilled, environmentally friendly boxes to fellow Geeks across the country.

We are super excited to have partnered up with The Luna Cinema in 2019 to offer a bespoke cheesebox for their film aficionados, which you can pre-order on the booking page of your chosen screening. We’ve put together what we think is the perfect cheesebox for 2:

  • Comte. Yes, it’s one of the nation’s favourites but we like to think ours is a level above. Matured for a minimum of 18 months, it’s less fruity than a gruyere, its nutty sweetness almost reminds us of eating toffee or milk chocolate!

  • Perl Wen. Our very own Welsh Princess. It’s a camembert/brie style cheese but with added citrus making it fresher than the Prince of Bel Air (unbeatable with the Champion Cherry & Amaretto Jam)

  • Bath Blue. Former World Champ, it’s handmade at Park farm just outside Bath. They use a Stilton recipe but (shock horror) we find BB to be better than your traditional stilts. It’s way creamier and smoother...we’re talking Clooney levels of smoothness

  • Peter’s Yard Original Crispbreads. We only settle for one type of cracker: The Best. We have tried more than you can shake a stick at until we reached Peter’s Yard. Then we stopped, because our mission was complete

  • Champion Cherry and Amaretto Jam. Summer on a spoon. There’s an argument that Champion goes with all of the cheese but once you’ve dolloped on to Perl Wen, you may never eat any other food stuff ever again.

These will be packaged up in our wool-insulated cheeseboxes ready for you to collect on arrival and munch through your movie. Happy chees-ing.